About Conference


EXPO.health (Formerly Health IT Expo) is organized by HealthcareScene.com. Healthcare Scene is a network of influential Healthcare IT blogs and health IT career resources. Having published over 11,000 blog posts and with over 53,000 email subscribers, Healthcare Scene is one of the premier healthcare IT publications with a deep passion for how technology can improve healthcare. After attending hundreds of healthcare IT conferences, our goal for EXPO.health was to create an event focused on collaboration and action.


At the end of the day, EXPO.health only has one agenda: provide value to hospitals and health systems. We believe that collaboration will be core to providing that value. Collaborating with peers. Collaborating with vendors. Collaborating with industry experts. etc


Our vision for the conference is to have the actual users and not just the talkers and people managers at the event. We want the people who actually vet the selection of IT products and services. We want the people who actually implement healthcare IT solutions. EXPO.health will be a working session for these decision makers. Each session will be focused on improving the quality of care provided, increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and making a healthcare organization work more efficiently.


Along with the amazing content and sponsors of the event, we know first hand that a conference has to be much more than just education. EXPO.health is a community of real life healthcare IT users and decision makers. It’s the start of deep connections and collaborations that will endure well beyond the annual conference.


Join us as we come together as peers at EXPO.health to improve healthcare!


About the Organizers:

John Lynn
John Lynn is the Editor and Founder of the nationally renowned blog network HealthcareScene.com. The Healthcare Scene network currently consists of 5 blogs containing 11,500+ articles. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 18 million times. Plus, Healthcare Scene recently added the leading Health IT Career resources, HealthcareITCentral.com and HealthcareITToday.com, to the network.


John also co-founded two companies: InfluentialNetworks.com and Physia.com, and is an advisor to multiple healthcare IT startup companies. Plus, John is the Founder of 10 other blogs including the Pure TV Network and Vegas Startups. John’s 25+ blogs have published over 20,000 blog posts, garnered over 40 million views and had over 200,000 comments. John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.


Brian G. Rosenberg
For the past twenty years, Brian has been working with healthcare organizations to implement technologies and improve business processes.  During that time, he has had the opportunity to lead major transformation initiatives including implementation of EHR and ERP systems as well as design and build of shared service centers.  He has worked with many of the largest healthcare providers in the United States as well as many academic and children’s hospitals.  Along with his work in EHR and ERP, he also blogs on the Healthcare Optimization Scene.


Colin Hung
Colin Hung is the co-founder of the #hcldr (healthcare leadership) tweetchat one of the most popular and active healthcare social media communities on Twitter. Colin speaks, tweets and blogs regularly about healthcare, technology, marketing and leadership. He is currently an independent marketing consultant working with leading healthIT companies. Colin is a member of #TheWalkingGallery. His Twitter handle is: @Colin_Hung.