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Announcing the 2018 Health IT Expo!

Hello Healthcare IT World!


As a techguy myself, that just seemed like the appropriate way to announce the inaugural Health IT Expo (Full details at happening May 30-June 1, 2018 in New Orleans, LA. This new conference is going to be a unique opportunity for healthcare IT professionals to accelerate the work they’re doing. We fundamentally believe that technology can and will allow healthcare to provide better care to patients, lower healthcare costs, increase efficiencies, and increase the revenue for healthcare organizations.


While health IT has largely not yet been able to deliver on these goals, we have seen pockets of success where technology is achieving incredible results. At Health IT Expo we are bringing healthcare IT professionals together in order to spread this success across all of healthcare. Health IT Expo will facilitate sharing between peers and include collaboration with vendors who are achieving quality results for their clients.


Why Another Healthcare Conference?


Many might question why we need another health IT conference. Having attended literally hundreds of Healthcare IT Conferences over the years, we’ve seen the good and bad of conferences. Many conferences are so large that the medium sized vendors that are really innovating and providing effective results get drowned out by the behemoth companies who suck all the air out of the room. Other conferences feature startup companies that are so new that they’re not yet actionable for a hospital or health system to implement.


While both extremes have their place in healthcare, we created Health IT Expo to focus on the middle of the hospital and health system market which doesn’t have massive innovation groups in their organization, but is ready to invest in new technologies and solutions which can provide better care, lower costs, increase efficiencies, and/or increase revenues.


The middle of the market is unique because they have money to invest in the right solutions, but they usually don’t have the budget to develop these solutions on their own. These hospitals and health systems realize that they need to create effective partnerships with healthcare IT vendors if they want to truly gain value out of their health IT investments. However, most current conferences make it hard for the middle of the market to find these companies and their peers.


In fact, this is true as you get to larger health systems as well. No hospital or health system is going to develop all the technology they need on their own. They’re only going to be successful by collaborating and working together with healthcare IT vendor partners and their peers at other hospitals and health systems. This is the vision for why we’ve created Health IT Expo!


Health IT Expo will facilitate collaboration, discovery, and sharing between hospitals, health systems, and vendors.


Can’t My EHR Solve All My Health IT Needs?


We love EHR software as much as the next person. At Healthcare Scene, we’ve published over 11,500 articles with over 18 million pageviews and 50,000 email subscribers reading our daily updates on what’s happening with healthcare IT. Much of that content is built on the back of selecting and implementing the right EHR software and on government EHR programs. We know first hand, the good, the bad, and the ugly of EHR.


While the EHR is an essential component in any hospital or health systems’ IT strategy, it’s just one part. At Health IT Expo, we’ll no doubt talk about how to optimize your EHR and how to leverage your EHR investment in the best way possible. Those are essential goals for every healthcare organization and I can already see the sharing and collaboration that will occur around EHR Optimization at Health IT Expo. All of healthcare needs to optimize their EHR and Health IT Expo will facilitate this type of collaboration and education.


Beyond the EHR (and often connected to the EHR), are hundreds and sometimes thousands of non-EHR IT systems that often get lost and forgotten at other conferences. At Health IT Expo, we’ll explore the value of these other IT systems and attendees will have the opportunity to learn about new health IT options they’d never heard of before and how to optimize the systems they already have purchased.


Along with covering the sexy topics of Analytics, Communications and Patient Engagement, we’ll also dive into the less sexy, but substantially important topics of Security and Privacy, IT Dev Ops, and Operational Alignment and Support.


What Makes the Health IT Expo Special?


Over the next year, we’ll unveil all of the details of the inaugural Health IT Expo. We’ll share the unique opportunities healthcare IT professionals will have to get all their Health IT questions answered during our “unconference sessions.” There are networking opportunities galore (especially over great food at meal time). We’ll announce the full 3-day conference program including a unique opportunity for health IT vendors to hold a user conference or focus group session (Check out the HITExpo Sponsorship details for more info) at the start of Health IT Expo. A great venue for vendors and users to collaborate and share.


We have a NO BS policy with all of our sessions where attendees are encouraged to respectfully call out when someone is sharing platitudes that don’t provide actionable help for us to get value out of our healthcare IT investments. Plus, along with all the learning, collaborating, and sharing, Health IT Expo will have a lot of fun as well. If you’ve been to a Healthcare Scene event before, you know that we embrace the principle of work hard, play hard. By playing together at the conference we form bonds with our peers that will endure as an #HITExpo community well after the event.


You can expect to learn a lot and have a lot of fun at Health IT Expo!


Registration for the 2018 Health IT Expo and the Call for Speakers will open shortly. Those companies interested in sponsoring and exhibiting at Health IT Expo can read through the Health IT Expo sponsor prospectus for all the sponsorship and exhibition details. If you have any questions about Health IT Expo or would like to be kept up to date with the latest Health IT Expo announcements, please reach out to us on our contact us page.


We look forward to seeing many of you at the inaugural Health IT Expo in New Orleans, May 30-June 1, 2018!