Announcing the 2018 Practical Innovation (PI) Awards

Health IT Expo is proud to announce the Practical Innovation (PI) Awards to recognize practical innovations and innovators in healthcare IT.  Please take this opportunity to have the innovative work of your healthcare organization be recognized and shared with the broader healthcare IT community.  Nominate an innovative project or person today!


One of the major challenges we face in healthcare IT is getting pockets of practical innovation to share their insights and approaches beyond the 4 walls of their organization.  Amazing innovations are happening in healthcare across the US and the world and yet there’s no simple way to share the practical innovations that one hospital or health system is doing with others.


The goal of Health IT Expo is to provide a venue for healthcare providers, health IT vendors, and patients to come together and share the ways their organization is attacking the problems they face and making a difference in the lives of patients.  The Practical Innovation Awards is part of this effort to find, recognize, and share the wide variety of innovative health IT projects and professionals.


Like you, we hate long, lengthy submission forms that discourage people from recognizing greatness, so we’ve made the Practical Innovation Awards nomination form as simple as possible.  We’ll be closing the nomination period on Saturday, March 31, 2018 so submit your nominations today.


The winners will be chosen by a panel of expert judges and each Practical Innovation Award winner will be recognized during the 2018 Health IT Expo in New Orleans and on the Healthcare Scene blog network.  We’re excited to learn about all the practical innovations healthcare IT professionals have implemented in their hospitals, health systems, and healthcare organizations.


If you have any questions about the Practical Innovation Awards, please drop us a note on our contact us page.  We look forward to seeing all the amazing work being done in healthcare IT.

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