Health IT Expo 2018 Presentations

Thank you to all of you who participated in the inaugural Health IT Expo.  It was amazing to have so many people attending a conference that was focused on practical innovation in healthcare IT.  This is the start of a special community where healthcare IT professionals get together to share, collaborate, and connect with peers so we can find practical solutions to the problems that vex healthcare.


The following are the list of presentations from HITExpo 2018.  Where available, we’ve linked the presentation to the presenters’ slide deck.  If a presentation isn’t linked to a deck, then you should reach out to the presenter directly and they’re likely to share their presentation with you directly even though they didn’t want to share it on this post.  A big thank you to all of the amazing Health IT Expo 2018 speakers.


Thursday May 31st
Main Room – Opening & Welcome (John Lynn)
Main Room – Keynote: Amanda Greene – Sharing, Caring and Patient Engagement
Main Room – Interactive HITExpo Kick-Off (Brian Rosenberg & Shahid Shah)


Main Room – The Benefits & Challenges of Creating a Consistent Patient Experience Through Multiple Interaction Points (Panel)
Breakout 1 – Applying Data Science to Healthcare
Breakout 2 – Ripple Effect: How Better Documentation Produces Better Outcomes
Breakout 3 – Healthcare Security Posture Best Practices


Main Room – Clinician Collaboration & Communication (Panel)
Breakout 1 – Using a Giant Data Lake to Drive Insights/Outcomes
Breakout 2 – Outsourcing Is Broken: Use Outcomes-Based Contracts to Increase Performance & Innovation
Breakout 3 – A Healthcare System in The Dark (Hurricane Maria Case Study in Puerto Rico) (Cancelled)


Main Room – EMPI & Patient Matching (Panel)
Breakout 1 – Using Technology to Give Nurses More Face-to-Face Time with Patients
Breakout 2 – How to Avoid HIPAA Headaches and Why HIPAA May Be the Least of Your Compliance Challenges
Breakout 3 – Empowering Population Health: Using Real-Time Analytics at Critical Care Moments


Main Room – Data Integration (Panel)
Breakout 1 – Transforming the Traditional Help Desk
Breakout 2 – Software Selection: How to Run an Efficient, Effective, and Inclusive Process
Breakout 3 – Healthcare Care IT M&A: Surviving the Valley of Death


Main Room – Patient Experience (Panel)
Breakout 1 – Exploring & Evaluating Healthcare Data Archival Methodologies & Strategies
Breakout 2 – The Privacy Cycle – A Five-Step Process to Improve Your Privacy Culture
Breakout 3 – Social Determinants of Health (SDOH): Practical Applications of External Data to Enhance Knowledge of Your Population


Main Room – Practical Healthcare Innovation – David Chou and Julie Reisetter
Breakout 1 – How to Win Patients with a Consumer-Grade Contact Center Experience
Breakout 2 – Device Integration: Assimilation and Considerations
Breakout 3 – Top 7 Perils of Paper-Based Consents +Top 7 Factors that Impact the Success or Failure of an eSignature Project


Friday June 1st
8:55 – 9:40am Main Room – Keynote: Dr. Rasu Shrestha – Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC
9:40 – 10:25am Main Room – Fireside Chat: Paul M Black – CEO, Allscripts


Main Room – Looking Outside the Walls: How to Leverage Health IT Partnerships
Breakout 1 – Achieving Success in a Post-Live World
Breakout 2 – Shifting DBAs From Passive to Proactive Protection of your Healthcare Data


Main Room – Physician Adoption of Technology
Breakout 1 – Connecting to Better Care: Engaging At-home / At-risk Patients with a Virtual Care Communication Platform
Breakout 2 – Blockchain in Healthcare: Solving Data Inefficiencies and Empowering Patients


Main Room – The Practical Realities Building a Telemedicine Program
Breakout 1 – Automating Preventive Care Scheduling with Chatbots to Improve Quality Measures
Breakout 2 – Clinical Quality Measures: What You Need to Know