Christine Machado
EHR and Systems Manager

As the EHR and Systems Manager at Compass Medical, Christine leads cross functional teams that collaboratively optimize the use of our Electronic Healthcare Record.  Christine chairs our Change Control Board, (with leadership members), our Super User Team, (consisting of clinical and administrative end-users) and plays an integral role in our EHR Advisory Committee (a physician led team).  Her work bridges the value gap between  stakeholders in clinical and non-clinical disciplines. Christine and her team create innovative, integrated process- improvements and standard workflows that enhance operational and clinical performance. As a strategic partner, Christine is responsible for our outstanding, nationally recognized organizational success with our EHR platform; from leading our platform switch and go-live in 2015,  to helping our organization build effective change management systems that balance provider experience and patient care.   In her solution – oriented role, she takes the lead on provider on-boarding in the EHR, develops training curricula and development plans for all end-users, and implements solutions to address provider burnout via scribe training and voice recognition system use and more.  Her direction and insight has helped Compass to build successful clinical programs such as our Chronic Care Management (CCM) program and  Lung Cancer Screening (LDCT) program. Her work toward practice transformation and process – change management, allows our organization to meet the challenge of the many value-based, patient- focused, population health care delivery models.