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Grace Cordovano, PhD BCPA
Founder & Board-Certified Patient Advocate

Upon recognizing significant unmet needs in patients’ journeys throughout their cancer diagnosis, Dr. Grace Cordovano founded Enlightening Results in 2010. As the culmination of her life’s experiential learning and education, Dr. Cordovano is dedicated to fostering personalized patient advocacy services, specializing in the oncology space.  She strategically guides her clients through survivorship or end-of-life care planning with empathy, ensuring they are armed with the most pertinent, medically credible, easy to understand information to make empowered decisions about their care. Through her advocacy work, she is humbled to witness first-hand the challenges, the barriers to access, the unmet needs, the grief, the joys, the suffering, the financial toxicities, and the losses patients face in the midst of a diagnosis. These authentic experiences have resonated deeply and she has chosen to make them actionable as a patient experience enhancer.

Dr. Cordovano is a board-certified patient advocate, who completed her Masters and Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY. She is member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, the Society of Participatory Medicine, Savvy Cooperative, and Health 2.0 NYC. In 2017, Dr. Cordovano was recognized as Patient Advocate of the Year by Medstartr NYC.

Follow her @EnlighteningResults.