Hants Williams, Ph.D. RN.
Director of Clinical Operations

Hants Williams, Ph.D., RN, is a registered public health nurse and published scientist who has dedicated his career to the enhancement and integration of cost-effective healthcare solutions that help provide care to vulnerable patient populations. His commitment to, and impact on, the field have directly contributed to the advancement of healthcare solutions that have influenced the health of more than 6 million individuals. Having worked as both a nurse and a data scientist, Dr. Williams’ experiences provide him with a unique understanding of, and insight into, advancements in technology and data engineering.


As Director of Clinical Operations at VirtualHealth, Dr. Williams strengthens the company’s position as a leader in care management by building impactful processes and functionalities designed to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. He works hand-in-hand with care coordination teams to meet the unique needs of their patient populations, allowing them to achieve a whole-person approach to care by aggregating critical data regarding clinical, social and behavioral aspects of health. Equipped with this information, Dr. Williams and his team help organizations improve patient care compliance and identify care gaps, so action can be taken to prevent costly interventions, such as hospitalizations and emergency department visits.


Before joining VirtualHealth, Dr. Williams worked as a health informaticist, data scientist and clinician at leading healthcare organizations exploring new models of care delivery aligned with value-based care principles. He has also concentrated on social determinants of health and emerging technology within chronically ill populations, specifically Sickle Cell Disease. Many of Dr. Williams’ peer-reviewed publications and contributions to the field of healthcare delivery, as well as his research, focus on non-opioid solutions for pain management, nursing led transitions to value-based care models and implementation of advanced technology to improve care delivery for complex populations.


Dr. Williams’ dedication to enhancing the overall health of individuals throughout the nation is also evident in his work with the early career advisory board, National Pain Policy, at the American Pain Society. For the last three years, Dr. Williams has worked on developing strategic plans and social outreach programs that have helped to drive the expansion of non-pharmacological chronic pain management strategies for those suffering with opioid addiction. Dr. Williams has also created advanced healthcare technology that has received accolades from N.A.S.A., Partners Connected Health, M.I.T., U.C.S.F., Mt. Sinai., and Porsche Automotive.