Jeff Kramer
Chief Technical Officer

Jeff Kramer leads all Technology and Product Development at MD Interconnect, where he has been since February of 2016. He is an accomplished senior technology executive with significant experience in both Fortune1000 and startup environments. He began his career with IBM for fifteen years and has continued his work in venture capital-backed companies with multiple successful exits. He has over three decades of technology leadership experience across a number of industries including systems management (IBM/Tivoli Systems), internet add serving (Engage Technologies), mobile content (Motricity), internet self-publishing (Lulu.com), public/private/hybrid cloud solutions (Hosted Solutions), internet of things (Consert), Music Tech (MasterChannel) and HealthCare Tech (Health Decisions and MD Interconnect).  Mr. Kramer earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from North Dakota State University.