Scott Radner | - Health IT Expo and Conference


Scott Radner
Vice President of Advanced Technology

Scott Radner oversees MEDITECH’s adoption of new technology for products and for supporting the company’s evolving technical infrastructure. A natural leader, Mr. Radner develops advanced solutions for MEDITECH customers based on his vision of using technology to solve problems in novel ways.


Mr. Radner has long been recognized for his strong analytical skills, innovative ideas, and technology expertise. Always approachable, he makes his office available as a collaborative space for his staff. Mr. Radner is also invigorated by customer interactions and is particularly grateful for the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals face-to-face.


Since joining MEDITECH in 1993, his tech-savvy background paved the way for many accomplishments, including forming MEDITECH’s advanced technology group, developing the programming base for MEDITECH’s 6.x products, and creating company-wide internal application technology. Mr. Radner also started the Nyte Bytes program for developers to share cutting-edge ideas in an informal, after-work setting.