Sunnie Southern, MS, RDN, LDN
Health and Life Sciences Lead

Sunnie is passionate about helping innovators create and grow new products and services that transform healthcare.  She has held a number of positions in the healthcare industry including product/ solution development, service line creation, sales, marketing, and professional education.  She has experience in many industry verticals across the healthcare ecosystem including health systems, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers, health information technology, digital health, insurers, employers, and data analytics.


Sunnie has worked with world-class healthcare organizations including Cleveland Clinic, Cincinnati Children’s, Shire, Sanofi, Eli Lilly AssureX Health, and many more. She has also advised more than 500 healthcare startups including DocHalo, HelloHealth, BlueSpark Technologies, and nGageIT.


The diverse conditions and disease states Sunnie has been involved in include precision medicine, genomics, pharmacogenomics, opioid addiction (medication-assisted treatment (MAT)), behavioral health, women’s health, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and immunological disorders. She has also worked with several types of healthcare-specific technologies and software solutions including Electronic Health Records (EHRs), remote monitoring, wearables, content marketing, content management, telemedicine, online scheduling systems, physician and patient communication platforms, patient engagement systems, and advanced analytics/ artificial intelligence solutions.


Sunnie has been invited to lead and participate in initiatives with government agencies, national trade associations, and non-profit organizations including:

* Xavier Artificial Intelligence Initiative’s AI Explainability Workgroup

* The White House Precision Medicine Initiative

* Cleveland Clinic Medical Hack-a-thon Planning Committee

* Health Data Affiliate Program, US Department of Health and Human Services

* Grant Review Chair for the Discovery Infrastructure for Clinical Health IT Apps Cooperative Agreement (Connecting and Accelerating FHIR App Ecosystem), Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator

* Health Innovation Subject Matter Expert, National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

She has been recognized as a “Disruptive Women to Watch in Healthcare”, “Healthcare Leaders” by Venue and Lead Magazine, “10 Local Women to Watch” by the Cincinnati Enquirer, and invited to join 40 leading healthcare organizations at the White House Summit on Precision Medicine with her work highlighted on the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative Fact Sheet.


Sunnie recently joined Onix, a leading cloud solutions provider, to create and scale a dedicated health and life sciences division. This new division at Onix enables health and life sciences organizations to realize the power of the cloud to securely enhance collaboration, optimize resources, increase insights, and accelerate innovation.  Onix Health and Life Sciences offers cloud solutions and specialized services that meet customers where ever they are in their cloud journey and help them securely work simpler, smarter, and faster.