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Zariel Johnson, PhD
Program Manager – Technical

Zariel Johnson, PhD, is currently a Program Manager – Technical at UPMC Enterprises where her efforts are focused on the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance (PHDA). The PHDA is a unique collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and UPMC established to support university investigator-led research in digital health that has the potential to improve healthcare through commercial activities. Zariel earned her B.S. in Quantitative Biology from the University of Delaware before attending Thomas Jefferson University for her doctoral degree. Her research at Jefferson focused on understanding how cells in nucleus pulposus, a musculoskeletal tissue in the spine, reacted to their unique microenvironment using a combination of molecular biology and -omics techniques. Prior to joining UPMC Enterprises Zariel completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Nursing studying inflammatory signaling in scleroderma and exploring commercial potential of small peptides designed to modulate fibrotic diseases.