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7 Types of Health IT Innovation Beyond Disruptive and Breakthrough Innovations

Having attended hundreds of healthcare IT conference, I’ve realized a really sad trend. Virtually all of them focus on identifying and creating a conference program around what I would call disruptive or breakthrough innovations. They’re looking to highlight the next “big thing” (whatever that means) for healthcare IT.


While these types of healthcare IT conferences are fun, far too often it leaves healthcare IT professionals hollow since these types of “big idea” conferences are so disconnected from their reality. Learning about an AI doctor that will be available in 5-10 years isn’t very useful when your real challenge is trying to evaluate, consolidate, and streamline 15 different communication systems in your organization. The latest neural network technology doesn’t provide much value when all your time is consumed by how to manage ongoing EHR support and training.


There’s certainly a place for pushing the health IT envelope and we need innovators working in what I call disruptive and breakthrough innovations.  However, there are at least 7 more types of innovation we need in healthcare IT that are often forgotten at conferences.  That’s what we’re focused on delivering at the Health IT Expo and Conference.  The chart below illustrates the wide variety of innovations available to healthcare IT professionals.

Let’s give some tangible innovations from each of the innovation categories above that you’ll find and learn more about at Health IT Expo.


Process Innovation – An innovative and scalable way to train your employees on EHR and other technology


Product Innovation – A new virtual desktop product that makes your desktops more secure, easier to manage, and less expensive


Incremental Innovation – A methodology for continually improving the quality of the data being stored in your healthcare IT systems that’s available to analytics applications


Service Innovation – Implementing a cost-effective help desk that can scale across first, second, and third level support that’s available 24/7/265


Business Model Innovation – Learn and explore telemedicine as a new business model for your hospital or health system


Outcome Driven Innovation – Find how to implement personalized patient engagement that creates happy patients and improved revenue


Organization Innovation – Find out how to share security and privacy resources across your entire organization


That’s just a small sample of the healthcare IT innovation that will be shared at Health IT Expo. Every single session will have tangible, realistic innovations that you can take back to your organization.


Join us in New Orleans, May 30-June 1, 2018 to take part in this unique conference experience. If you have an innovation to share, the Health IT Expo Call for speakers is still open as well. Share your experiences and insights with the HITExpo community.