0 Featured on the #HCBiz Podcast

One of the things we’re really grateful for at is relationships with a wide variety of health IT media partners.  We appreciate all of the media, blogs, podcasts, analysts, etc that cover the field of health IT and it’s great to have so many of them support the community.  Many of them really embrace our unique message around practical health IT innovation.  This really helps us in our goal to make sure that the practical health IT innovations shared at the conference get spread to as many people as possible.


We appreciate one of our media partners, HCBiz, for bringing us on to their podcast to discuss the conference.  We were excited to share what makes us unique and to provide a glimpse of what people can expect from this year’s conference in Boston.  You can listen to the full recording below:



Thanks to Don Lee and Shahid Shah for having us on the podcast and for helping us spread the word about the unique community. We hope you’ll join us all in Boston!