Is this conference Health IT Expo or EXPO.health?
When we first launched this conference, we called it Health IT Expo, but we hosted it on the amazing EXPO.health domain. In our 2nd year, we decided we needed to streamline things for attendees and so we decided to rename the conference EXPO.health to match our domain. Plus, we liked that the EXPO.health name will allow us to continue to evolve the conference to whatever technology changes come to healthcare.


Who is behind the EXPO.health?
This conference is organized by Healthcare Scene. Healthcare Scene is a community of leading healthcare IT professionals. Healthcare Scene has published 11,500+ blog posts covering every aspect of healthcare and technology. Our goal for the conference is to provide an intimate HealthIT event where members of the healthcare ecosystem – vendors, thought-leaders, providers, government agencies, etc, can get together and have a productive dialog. Our focus is to build a collaborative community in Health IT that Gets Stuff Done.


We understand that we can not put on an event like this alone. All of us in healthcare IT need to work together and that includes working tightly with vendor partners. That’s why we’re selective about who we bring on as sponsors of the event. We all know the EHR vendors already and startups are fun to dream about but often are too early to really implement at a hospital or health system. That’s why Health IT Expo’s sponsors are largely healthcare IT solutions that you can go home and implement today. Take a minute to browse through the sponsors to see how they can help your organization reach your goals.


Do you have sponsor and exhibitor packages available?


Yes. We have a variety of sponsorship and exhibitor packages available. We consider our conference sponsors to be partners in the effort to improve healthcare. That’s why we offer our sponsors a unique opportunity to meet new people, but to also engage their existing client and customer community at our event. If you’re interested, drop us a note on our Contact Us page and we can talk you through the various options.


What if I have an amazing presentation I think would blow away conference attendees?


We usually open our call for speakers in September and run it through the end of February. If you have ideas for things you’d like to see at the conference, please reach out to us on our contact us page and let us know your ideas. We do everything possible to make sure the community drives content that’s provided at EXPO.health. Your feedback is essential to us providing the most actionable and useful content possible.


When exactly is the conference?


The conference is usually held in July every year starting with user group meetings, focus groups, casual meetups and pre-conference events on Wednesday and running through Friday. The conference schedule includes sessions starting on Wednesday afternoon and then all day on Thursday along with a Thursday evening social event. Friday has conference sessions until late afternoon and there will be a casual meetup Friday night for those who stick around. We post the full conference schedule on the program page along with the specific dates and times.


Where is the event and will there be a conference hotel?


Please check out the conference venue and hotel page for more information.


What is the dress for the conference?


We’ve found that you don’t have to be dressed to the nines to get work done. In fact, everyone is more comfortable and open to collaboration if they’re in casual comfortable clothes. Plus, this is a technology event, so we prefer a more casual environment. With that in mind, EXPO.health is a casual (jeans and t-shirt) dress event. We’ll try to make this clear in our communications so no one feels out of place in their dress or suit. Of course, if you’re more comfortable in business casual, that’s fine too.


Will the meals be included in the event?


We have a high quality breakfast each morning and a full catered lunch each day. If you have specific dietary needs, please let us know on our contact us page and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.


Will their be wifi at the event?


Yes, we will have wifi at the event.


What’s your cancellation policy?


Unfortunately, we have a no refund policy for all registrations and that includes refunding discounts for promo codes that weren’t used at the time of registration. However, we are happy to transfer a registration from one person to another as long as we get the request prior to printing the conference name badges. Just reach out to us on our contact us page if you’d like to transfer a registration.


What if I still have questions about the conference?


We love questions. Ask away on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.